Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars


Wednesday, December 15
Energy Museum, Santral Istanbul

18.00    Reception at the Energy Museum
18.30    Words of Welcome, Honorary Addresses
19.30    Keynote Speech: Touraj Atabaki (International Institute of Social History & Leiden University): Time and Labor Discipline in the Ottoman Empire




Thursday, December 16

Istanbul Bilgi University, Santral Campus, Santralresidence

9.30       Registration and Opening Speech

                Malte Fuhrmann (Orient–Institut Istanbul)

                M.Erdem Kabadayı (Istanbul Bilgi University)

                Jürgen Mittag (Ruhr University Bochum)


Section I: Production and Society in the Perspective of European Diversity

10.00     Suraiya Faroqhi (Istanbul Bilgi University):

                Istanbul’s Water Resources and the Çarşı

10.20     Dieter Ziegler (Ruhr University Bochum):

                The Rise of the Ruhr Region during the Industrialization

10.40     Comments and discussion

11.20     Coffee break

11.40     Gül Köksal (Kocaeli University):

                The Golden Horn as a Historical Site of Industrial Work                               


12.00     Fahri Türk (Edirne Thrace University):

                The Impact of Krupp Weapon Exports on Istanbul

12.20     Comments and Discussion

13.00     Lunch break


Section II: Collective Identities between Work, Urban Space and Origins


14.30     Susanne Peters-Schildgen (Ratingen Regional Museum of Upper Silesia):

                Polish Migration to the Ruhr Region during the Empire

14.50     Claudia Hiepel (Duisburg-Essen University):

                The Kulturkampf on the Ruhr as an Interdenominational  and Social Conflict

15.10     Gülhan Balsoy (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin):

The Case of the Cibali Régie Factory as a Site of Gendered Work in Early Twentieth Century and Some Questions Concerning Gender in Ottoman Labor History

15.30     Comments and Discussion

16.30     Coffee Break

16.50     M. Erdem Kabadayı (Istanbul Bilgi University):

                From Money-Changer to Banker: the Making of a Proprietor Class in Istanbul

17.10     Malte Fuhrmann (Orient-Institut Istanbul):

                Osman Hamdi and Hans Humann: Encounter of Two Different Types of the Bildungsbürger

17.30     Comments and Discussion

18.10     End of Conference Day I

18.45     Dinner at Barba Giritli Restaurant

                (former tobacco stock exchange, next to Kadir Has University)



Friday,  December 17

Istanbul Bilgi University, Santral Campus, Santralresidence

                           -Continuing Section II-

09.30     Akın Sefer (Boğaziçi University Istanbul):

Consolidation through the Modern Waterfront: Port Workers and their Struggles in Late Ottoman Istanbul

09.50     Zafer Toprak (Boğaziçi University Istanbul):

                Labor Movements in Istanbul in the Late Imperial and Early Republican Era

10.10     Karl Lauschke (Technical University Dortmund):

                Labor Movement in the Ruhr Area in the Late Imperial Era and during the Weimar Republic

10.30     Comments and Discussion

11.30     Coffee Break


Section III: Shaping the City between Growth and Change in Industry

11.50     Murat Güvenç (Istanbul Şehir University):

                Production and Urban Planning in Istanbul in the Early Twentieth Century


12:10     Hans-Werner Wehling (Duisburg-Essen University):

                The Ruhr Area – Development, Changes and Perspectives of its Industrial Landscape

12.30     Comments and Discussion

13.10     Lunch Break

15.00     Kathrin Oerters (Ruhr University Bochum):

                Reordering Postindustrial Space in the Ruhr Region

15.20     Maya Arıkanlı Özdemir (Mimar Sinan University   Istanbul/ Gazhane Environmental Volunteers):

                Present-Day Usages of Former Industrial Zones in Istanbul, with Focus on Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi


15.40     Jürgen Mittag (Ruhr University Bochum):

                Istanbul and Essen/Ruhr 2010 as European Capitals of Culture – Common and Different                                            Features

16.00     Comments and Discussion

17.00     Coffee Break

17.20     Stefan Berger (University of Manchester):

                Representing the Industrial Age: Heritage and Identity in the Ruhr Region of Germany

17.40     Final Discussion and Announcements

18.00     End of Conference Day II

20.00     Reception at the Orient - Institut Istanbul, Cihangir






“Istanbul” – “Kushta” – “Constantinople”: Diversity of Identities
And Personal Narratives in the Ottoman Capital (1830-1900)

- An International Conference -
German Consulate General Istanbul

October 14 & 15, 2010

Please note: Prior registration is required for attending the conference. Please register via e-mail no later than October 11,


Thursday, 14 October


Greeting by Raoul Motika, Director of the Orient-Institut Istanbul

Conference Opening, Christoph Herzog and Richard Wittmann:
Istanbul as a space of multi-cultural biographies?

Section 1, Chair: Miltos Pechlivanos


Himmet Taşkömür:
Identity, participation and self-discovery: travels of Arab intellectuals to Istanbul from the Levant and Egypt during the Hamidian era


Kent Schull:
Amalgamated observations: American impressions of nineteenth century Constantinople and its peoples


Coffee Break


Section 2, Chair: Barbara Kellner-Heinkele


Evgenia Kermeli:
Ninentheenth century Istanbul through the eyes of a zimmi


Miltos Pechlivanos:
M. Gedeon and the memoria of the Greek-Ottoman identity


Vangelis Kechriotis:
A passage to national modernity: Constantinople in the 1880s and the novel/travelogue ‘My Journey' by Ioannis Psycharis



Section 3, Chair: Steven Richmond


Nora Şeni:
The correspondence of an office clerk at the Camondo Bank in Istanbul
(ca. 1860-1870)


Rifat Bali:
Jewish life in Istanbul in the first decades of the twentieth century: Nissim Benezra and his memoirs


Yaron Ben-Naeh:
Istanbul Jews in European eyes: Ludwig August Frankel on his way to Jerusalem


Coffee Break

Section 4, Chair: Kent Schull


Darin Stephanov:
‘Bulgar milleti nedir?’ Syncretic and fluctuating forms of belonging in mid-nineteenth century Istanbul




Malek Sharif:
Istanbul, sweet and bitter: Depictions of an Arab Teenager in 1914 and 1916.


*  *  *




Keynote Address:

Murat Belge:
Tanzimat’ın İstanbul’a getirdikleri
[“What the Tanzimat brought to Istanbul”]
- English translation will be provided -
                                                                                                                         - Refreshments served -

Friday, 15 October



Section 5, Chair: Klaus Kreiser

Börte Sagaster:
Istanbul: some turn-of-the-century views from the Imperial Harem


Barbara Kellner-Heinkele:
‘Lachende Gärten, artige Moscheen.’ Istanbul's architectural fabric in the eyes of nineteenth century German globetrotters


Malte Fuhrmann:
Wanderlust, follies, and self-inflicted misfortunes: female entertainment workers from Central Europe in Constantinople and the Levant


Coffee Break



Section 6, Chair: Johann Strauss

Akşin Somel:
Ottoman impressions on Germans in late nineteenth century Constantinople


Rachel Goshgarian:
A stroll through the quarters of Constantinople: sketches of the city as
seen through the eyes of the great satirist Hagop Baronian


Aylin Koçunyan:
From short stories to social topography: Kasim (Misak Koçunyan)’s Life Landscapes





Section 7, Chair: Akşin Somel

Martin Pablo Asuero:
Istanbul through the eyes of Spanish and Latin American observers in the nineteenth century


Steven Richmond:
Julius Millingen (1800-1878): archeologist, revolutionary, physician, memorialist, journalist


Johann Strauss:
Twenty years in the Ottoman capital: the memoirs of Doctor Christo Taneff Stambolski from Kazanlik


Coffee Break


Closing session






24-25 Eylül 2010

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü
Orient-Institut Istanbul

24 Eylül 2010 Cuma (Birinci Gün)
(Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü Seminer Odası)

09:45-10:00: Açılış

10:00-11:30: I. Oturum
Moderatör: Olcay Akyıldız

  • Karin Schweissgut, “Anadolu Gerçeğinden Uzak ‘Yatık Emine’: Refik Halit Karay’ın Memleket Hikâyeleri Neden Milli Edebiyat’a Sokulamaz?”
  • Erol Köroğlu, “Türk Milliyetçilikleri, Milli Edebiyatlar ve ‘Yatık Emine’nin Milliliği”
  • Aslı Güneş, “Resmî Kanonun Muhalif Sesi: Reşat Nuri Güntekin”

11:30-12:00: Ara

12:00-13:00: II. Oturum
Moderatör: Duygu Köksal

  • İrfan Karakoç, “Türk Edebiyatı İnşâ(atında) Hangi Tuğla Önemlidir: Millî Edebiyat mı İnkılap/İnkılapçı Edebiyat mı?
  • Hilmi Tezgör, “Milli Eğitim’in Ders Kitaplarında Milli Şiir

13:00-14:30 Öğle Yemeği

14:30-16:00: III. Oturum
Moderatör: Nur Gürani Arslan

  • Laurent Mignon, “Mir’ât’in Mirası: Türkçe Bir Yahudi Edebiyatı Var Mı?”
  • Şehnaz Şişmanoğlu Şimşek, “‘Gerçi Rum isek de Rumca Bilmez Türkçe Söyleriz’: Karamanlıca Edebiyat ‘Hem o Hem Öteki’”
  • Mehmet Fatih Uslu, “Meliha Nuri Hanım’ın Ateşten Gömlek’i: Milli Edebiyata Tersinden Bakmak”

16:00-16:30 Ara

16:30-17:30: IV. Oturum
Moderatör: Hülya Adak

  • Tülin Ural, “Erken Cumhuriyet Dönemi Romanında Milliyetçilik, Cins Kimliği ve Züppelik Korkusu Etrafında Angaje Edebiyatın Şekillenmesi”
  • Halim Kara, “Erken Cumhuriyet Döneminde Osmanlı'yı Zelilleştirme/Ötekileştirme Aracı Olarak Tarihsel Roman: Deli Deryalı ve Kara Davud”



25 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi (İkinci Gün)
(Orient-Institut Istanbul)

11:00-12:30: I. Oturum
Moderatör: Nüket Esen

  • Jale Parla, “Servet-i Fünun’da Dekadans Kavgası: Nedeni, Sonuçları, Kaderi”
  • Fatih Altuğ, “Fuad Köprülü’nün Edebiyat Anlayışının Sapkın Geçmişi ve Milli Hidayeti”
  • Engin Kılıç, “Milli Edebiyat ve Türk Nefret Edebiyatının Doğuşu”

12:30-14:00: Öğle Yemeği

14:00-15:00: II. Oturum
Moderatör: Zeynep Uysal

  • Seval Şahin, “Hüseyin Nadir’in Fakabasmaz Zihni Serilerinde Milliyetçi Söylem”
  • Nazan Maksudyan, “Erken Cumhuriyet Dönemi Kadın İntiharları ‘Epidemik’i ve Romancılara Biçilen Milliyetçi Vazife”

15:00-15:30: Ara

15:30-16:30: III. Oturum
Moderatör: Süha Oğuzertem

  • Sibel Irzık, “Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları’nda Ulusal Olanın İmkânları ve Sınırları”
  • Erkan Irmak, “Nâzım'ın Büyük Taarruz'u: Kuvâyi Milliye, Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları ve Sonrasında Atatürk”

16:30-17:15: Genel Değerlendirme

18:30: Resepsiyon




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