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Orient-Institut Beirut

in der Stiftung DGIA

The Orient-Institut offers internships in the following work areas:
-Science/ publications
-Preparation and execution of symposia

Students from branches of study that comply with the scientific field of work of the institute – mainly Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, Urban Studies (history as well as architecture) and Modern Arab Literature- can apply for an internship after finishing the basic study period.

Other branches of study can be considered if a regional reference to the host countries of the Institute is given.

Internships are possible all through the year. Duration of the internship can be adjusted individually.

Proficiency of the national language –as well as of English and French when working in the field of publications- are preconditioned. The interns have to be matriculated at a university for the time of their internship. This has to be proved when applying and again at the beginning of the internship by presentation of matriculation display. The Orient-Institut takes it for granted that an orderly health insurance does exist and that no further insurance needs to be provided by the institute.

The internship will be gratuitous. Usually accommodation can be provided in one of the guest rooms of the institute for the endurance of the internship. The weekly working time amounts twenty hours. The interns will be instructed by the director of the Institute, by a research associate, the head of the library or by the head of administration according to the working area.

For staff and administration matters as well as for matters of insurance, sick certifications and liberation of duty the head of administration is responsible.

With beginning the internship the intern commits:
-to use the stay at the institute and fully concentrate on the supposed purpose of the internship
-to inform the administration of the institute about all circumstances that might be of importance for the grant or the transaction of the internship
-to personally contact the director of the Institute as well as the head of library and the head of administration on the first and the last day of the internship
-to accept and follow the general rules of the institute

The selection of the interns behooves to the direction of the institute only. The applicant can not claim the granting of an internship. Furthermore the grant of internship can be revoked anytime if good reasons for that exist.

At the end of the internship a certification will be made out, if desired also a testimony can be given to the intern.

Applications need to contain the following information:
-course and duration of the studies (semester, university)
-favoured area of work and aim of the internship

Please also add
-a CV indicating the academic and professional career of the applicant
-a passport photograph
-simple –uncertified- copies of testimonials
-copy of certification of matriculation
Interested persons who do fulfill the suppositions can apply at the earliest six months before the intended begin of the internship.

Motions for internships in Beirut can be brought forward to Nirvana Ghandour (